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Movable Aphabet

Movable Aphabet



This is a beginning Movable Alphabet Exercise. The child must only identify the beginning and end sound of each three letter phonetic word. The vowels are given. Each page has words with only one vowel sound. For each page of pictures, copy the letter page and cut out the letters so the child can find and place the correct sound when identified. If the child is good with writing letters, they may write the desired letters on the lines without using the page of letter squares. The words to be spelled for each page are: a) cat, bag, hat, ram, nap; o) mop, dog, pot, rod, fox; u) cub, rug, sun, gum, nut; i) kid, dig, sit, pin, rip e) leg, jet, men, web, bed.

Contributed by:David Yun

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